Lose your love(s)

Lose your loves and failed marriages
Of hate. Do you reckon looking at your profile shows
Your true shadow? Ugly. Grey. Past romance.
Oh you great ‘men’ of power,
Boasting through your words, voice and feet.
I can see you, not closely though.
It’s like your hidden somewhere,
Somewhere deep within us both,
But isn’t it ironic that I long for it still.
Or is it longing? Short term longing
If that’s the phrase, to judge, expose, betray or confirm
The nightmare state I lived between; the rock and a façade face.



In this time of community amongst football, one word seems common in each breath: pray.

The power of God seems to flood many hearts with hope and security that something better will come. I stand in awe of how, when faced with such a public tragedy, we retreat behind one word to show our support. Our modern culture seems to dismiss God, using religion as a tool to harm rather than heal. However, the events of yesterday pose a very engaging question: is religion our strongest and most suppressed defence mechanism?

I will consider this further in the morning – I am sure the teens I engage with will share their miss-guided truth.

Male conversation

Long time mate:
How’ve you been? Who’ve you seen?
Awkward laughter trembles through their beer bellies,
Formed through the wasted ambition of their teen years.
They stand in line frantically trying
To find a common ground
Whilst glancing feverishly towards the next free till,
To save them from the bumbling chatter of two embarrassed school boys
Trapped in their ageing shells.

Take care pal,
With a glance and a nod to assert their masculinity
Lost: replaced with a gold band
And a thumb print.