I want to write

Pencil dangle, teasing blank space,

Lines mix with lines entwined

With lines of endless nothing.

Blank skies, dull horizons

Inspire me not, for I am not, something I can’t be.

Gaps in time disappear,

End of life appears,

But not a word of summary.

Words escape their fragile form,

And warm the grey place;

Space beyond the eyes but before the soul,

The knot of the tongue where words reign

Pensive and unformed.

I want to write about something I’m not.

But I can’t; I’m not.


28 thoughts on “I want to write

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  2. the desire to write about something you are not is a curious thing…and makes me wonder what is wrong with who you are…or what is missing…the tags give a nice hint at that…but nice verse as well…smiles.

    • That line came to me at work today, I felt such a lack of inspiration and I wanted to find something to write. Ironically the lack of inspiration inspired me. Thank you once again for your thoughts Brian.

  3. I found this very effective in its wistful tone, nothing overstated, a quiet exploration of thought tinged with a mood and images of isolation and blandness, yet something fighting through, some color in a black and white universe, even if we can only write what we have, it’s our own palette, with our own colors, and yours are very vivid here.

    • I completely agree Alex and I dont want that to be my intention. The motivation for this piece came from the fact that today, I felt uninspired to write. So where I state in this poem that ‘I want to write about something I’m not’, in a way, I am personifying that joyous feeling of inspiration and the flow of words that comes with it because I want to be inspired. Thank you for your thoughts Alex, take care!

  4. Hi, We all feel a lack of inspiration from time to time I think it’s best to write about what you are not what you are not but, in this case you turned your thoughts into something interesting.

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