This poem will only affect around 20 people, all of which were present when the idea was first developed. They are both the inspiration and the purpose for this piece. At least, they seemed to enjoy it.

Painted expressions of faceless crimes.
She is traditional in today’s photo frame.
Criminality brushed on, to accentuate the person inside,
Locating its centre in how the others view you.
I am sorry though, as a figure head that dreads this.
But, you know that, no that, no not that, that, yeah that, and that.
Well, that’s not allowed.
I’m sorry, but them’s the rules.
Honestly I am.
I means, I realise it’s stating the obvious, seen as everything else is spelt an smelt out in this place,
And I don’t just means this, it’s more then this, it’s this, that, them, and the other thing we won’t discuss.
I digress, but I just want to say,
You, and they, and I, are ours,
Our own and ours alone.
Don’t let them take that.


10 thoughts on “Eyebrows

    • Thank you Brian. Lovely to hear from you again. Basically, there is a new social trend in the UK teen culture where the eyebrows are painted on. A pupil in my Literature class is always flying in the face of school rules with her appearance and it is a source of constant debate in our classes. Thanks for reading and commenting, I hope you had a very enjoyable Christmas period.

  1. ah, i really like the voice of this. and great sound too ( my offering this week went the other direction, so it’s kind of fun to see this contrast). really enjoyed reading this

  2. what a cool way of incorporating this, that, them etc…I’d thought of doing something similar in this respect before, but couldn’t get it to sound right, glad to see that it can be done right. Great job. Thanks

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