Brick Wall

(Rambling late night verse – not my finest hour)

Banging my head against a brick wall.
An endless glut of profanity builds within.
Nonsense, wrong tense, grammar and vague comment.
Rubbish reason, essay treason and fragile talent broken.
If it’s not one thing, it’s another with them.
I’m losing all faith in their ability.
It’s harsh, but true, start afresh and renew.
If I continue to thwack my head against this brick wall, maybe some blood soaked grey matter will spray onto their conscious mind? Thought not.
I will, definitely, persevere.
I will, hopefully, succeed.
I will, probably, break.
We’ll carry on smacking away at that wall.


I want to write

Pencil dangle, teasing blank space,

Lines mix with lines entwined

With lines of endless nothing.

Blank skies, dull horizons

Inspire me not, for I am not, something I can’t be.

Gaps in time disappear,

End of life appears,

But not a word of summary.

Words escape their fragile form,

And warm the grey place;

Space beyond the eyes but before the soul,

The knot of the tongue where words reign

Pensive and unformed.

I want to write about something I’m not.

But I can’t; I’m not.