Sixteen Two Thirteen


For Rachel.

Five times the air,
Breathing a million times.
Five times the earth,
Endless miles before us.
Five times time and space,
Forever is all we are.
Five, the number of now.
Ten, fifteen, numbers to go.

Always and forever,
Five times my Lion Girl,
Numbers to the future.


Lose your love(s)

Lose your loves and failed marriages
Of hate. Do you reckon looking at your profile shows
Your true shadow? Ugly. Grey. Past romance.
Oh you great ‘men’ of power,
Boasting through your words, voice and feet.
I can see you, not closely though.
It’s like your hidden somewhere,
Somewhere deep within us both,
But isn’t it ironic that I long for it still.
Or is it longing? Short term longing
If that’s the phrase, to judge, expose, betray or confirm
The nightmare state I lived between; the rock and a façade face.